West Fork Group

The West Fork Group helps rebuild vibrant communities in the Southeast Texas communities of Texas City, La Marque, and Hitchcock, as well as the wider Harris and Galveston counties. My team and I do this by buying old, run-down houses, properties, and real estate in Southeast Texas and renovating them. Together, my team transforms these properties into beautiful, ready-to-move-in homes for purchase or rent.

The name for the West Fork Group comes from the west fork of the Mill Creek in Washington County, Burton, Texas. This area holds a special place in my heart.

At the West Fork Group, we aim to provide real – and fast – solutions to everyone’s real estate challenges. People sell houses and properties for many reasons. Does it need costly repairs? Are you settling an estate? Has the home been vacant?

Whatever the reason, we can help. And we want to. We love Southeast Texas and want to see it thrive and grow with dynamic communities and neighborhoods.

Do you have a real estate challenge? Tell us about it and let’s see how we can help.

Dean McNeelydean mcneely

A native Texan, President and CEO Dean McNeely began his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 16 with a small company called Texas Trucking. It was simple. He used his pickup truck to haul people’s “stuff” around town.

After college, he enjoyed a successful career in the field of financial services. The entrepreneurial drive never really left him though and soon he started Jackel.com, an importer of ATVs, dirt bikes, and scooters. Soon it became one of the largest importers of its kind in the United States.

His experience with Jackel.com taught him the ins-and-outs of domestic and international transportation, freight, and logistics. This included LTL, truckload, ocean, and airfreight. In 2008, he started LTL Freight Center LLC, which quickly became one of Houston’s top LTL, truckload, and partial truckload brokers.

Through LTL Freight Center, he was able to simplify shipping and logistics for businesses throughout Texas as well as the United States. His successes in this field came from his customer service-first approach.

Today, Dean’s focused on helping people facing the problem of seemingly hopeless real estate. By offering cash for homes with little equity or apparent hope, he addresses the needs of the individuals selling the house. Through renovation, he and his team transform these properties into desirable, affordable homes for families.

Providing the highest quality services remains his #1 priority. He and his team value honesty, integrity, work ethic, and a self-starter attitude. Those who live in the homes renovated by West Fork Group see these values in practice by the quality and workmanship in the homes they have bought or rent.

If you find yourself with a problem property, Dean is ready to help you. You can call him at 713-480-4333 or email him at dean@westforkgroup.com.