West Fork Group

The West Fork Group takes its name from the west fork of the Mill Creek in Washington County, Burton, Texas. This area holds a special place in Dean’s heart.

The company provides real estate re-development services. Dean’s real estate experience allows him to take old, run-down houses and transform them into desirable homes that encourage strong communities. He buys houses throughout Southeast Texas, especially in LaMarque, Houston, Galveston, and Texas City.

West Fork Group also provides leadership training services. This includes for entrepreneurs getting started, business leaders who want to take the next step in their careers or for businesses that want to increase the knowledge and experience of their management teams.

Dean McNeelydean mcneely

President and CEO Dean McNeely is a Texas native. He started his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 16 with a small company called Texas Trucking. Using his pickup truck, he hauled people’s stuff around town.

After college, he enjoyed a successful career in financial services. Soon though, he resumed his entrepreneurial ways and started Jackel.com. It quickly became one of the largest importers of ATVs, dirt bikes, and scooters in the U.S. Through this business he learned the ins and outs of domestic and international transportation and freight systems including LTL, truckload, ocean and airfreight.

Since 2008, Dean has run LTL Freight Center LLC, one of Houston’s top LTL, truckload, and partial truckload brokers. His business goals center on making the lives of business owners and shipping managers simpler and easier. A big part of his success in this area comes from his commitment to customer service first.

Dean continues to lead in the area of customer satisfaction and believes in providing the highest quality services. He also prizes honesty, integrity, work ethic and a self-starter attitude. This comes through in every effort and combines with keen problem-solving from his and his staff.

Today he applies his expertise in real estate development to people who need to sell a seemingly hopeless property. He takes those houses no one wants, renovates them, and makes them a good home for a good family. His focus remains to help make Texas communities strong.